ultimate toys coffee table book

With a special selection of bespoke products, Michael Brunnbauer wrote an opulent photo book that opens up a world full of luxury, pleasure, and aesthetic beauty to the reader. The perfect gift for all boys who have grown up, but preserved their inner child! As philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche already knew, “There is a child hidden in every man: and it wants to play.”
The book offers descriptions and beautiful pictures of a selection of the most exclusive, most innovative, and most luxurious toys that men with money can buy. Just like the TRIO LUXURY EDITION 26! Thus we are very pleased that our latest reference speaker system in its ultimate luxury edition has been selected for this digest of finest products.

The author worked for the Financial Times Deutschland (FTD) daily newspaper and the magazine Gentlemen’s Quarterly (GQ), and is now head of the men’s lifestyle magazine "Provocateur" in Austria. He is also a freelance writer for magazines and newspapers such as Robb Report, and Wired.

The 256 page coffeetable book is available (from Oct. 2017) from various sources, including Amazon and Ebay, and costs $ 95.

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