The Southern German Hifi Days in Stuttgart

The Southern German Hifi Days in Stuttgart (September 7+8) had a new record attendance this year! Our staff members Babak Moayedpour and Armin Krauss, as well as the staff of our Stuttgart Reference Dealer Hifi Studio Wittmann, were happy to demo the DUO PRIMO + XA amplification system in an always well filled room. Additional highlights were informative workshops, held twice a day. In the morning, Matthias Böde from the renowned German STEREO magazine showcased the sound philosophy of different pick-up manufacturers, while the last hour of the day was dedicated to a truly unique presentation: Bauer Studios, one of Germany's benchmark recording studios, presented Master Tapes of their live-to-2-track "Studio Concerts" recording sessions. Played through Bauer Studio's excellently maintained STUDER studio-grade reel-to-reel machine, this was a special audiophile experience, indeed. The tapes were demoed by original Bauer Studio's sound engineers, which were able to give in-depth detail on the recordings and on the musicians - a very welcome extra benefit for our visitors!
A big "Thank You!" goes to all visitors and contributors to the show, and we are already looking forward to attending the HiFi Days of 2020!

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