HEM show Stockholm: starring TRIO LUXURY

Organized by our Stockholm dealer Audio Concept, the HEM show (introduced in 2011) has matured into a "lighthouse" audio event in Scandinavia, held in 3 classy locations, all centrally located.

This year the 100 seat Sankta Clara auditorium inside the Klara Strand Conference Center was used for a true "highlight of the show" presentation, starring our TRIO LUXURY EDITION 26 with a pair of BASSHORNs and a full XA PRE + XA POWER MONOS setup! True to the nature of an auditorium, the music was really put "on stage" by this system with realistic scale and dynamics when required. A pure joy for the numerous visitors, indeed!

Also sensationally well presented by Robert Grubstad of Audio Concept: the ZERO 1 XD setup! "Thumbs up" for this nicely assembled system and an expertly presented music selection!

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