duo primo review & showroom report in hifi & records magazine

A momentous visit to our Master Showroom, here at the company's German headquarter, was recently made by Olaf Sturm, editor of the renowned German quarterly "Hifi & Records" audio magazine, because  his visit not only resulted in a detailed review of the DUO PRIMO, the actual purpose of the visit, but also expanded into a report about the advantages of the company's own Master Showroom!

Olaf Sturm not only writes about the lifelike sound of the DUO PRIMO in his resulting 5-page article, but also explores the differences and similarities between the sister models of the DUO product line. And last but not least, the TRIO, our top model, also "got a word in" and helped emphatically to rank the DUO PRIMO's listening experience in the context of our product hierarchy.

The resulting "melange" of loudspeaker review and showroom report is well worth reading and can be found in "Hifi & Records", issue 2/2020, now available at kiosks and on the web (German only, link:


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