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The Rocky Mountain Audio Fest RMAF is a highly respected event around the globe, held for the 12th time this year, and being established as the biggest audiophile consumer show in North America. Thus using RMAF for product launches, especially for The Americas, is always a consideration! What better place for the North American debut of the new UNO fino edition speakers that have just been launched?

In cooperation with our North American distributor Audio Pathways, the UNO fino edition was presented and demoed in a truly audiophile setup, deliberately placed inside a normaly sized hotel room to make sure listeners could appreciate its compact design, while still getting full scale and finely outlined audiophile sound. Same for the ZERO TA presentation, which at an even lower price point, conveys much of the scale and "livelyness". Truly a compact Avantgarde experience at RMAF!

Also read the excellent comment on the superb sound of this room at the RMAF report (bottom of page):

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