avantgarde mega system & vip auditions

Guangzhou, city of the chosen few: never before has a system like this been publicly presented! A "dream come true" system indeed, comprising TRIO LUXURY EDITION 26 GOLD with 6 x BASSHORN (golden edition), 6 x mono blocks of XA POWER amplifiers, XA PRE, and a top-class digital rig by WADAX. Nothing but the best!

Arranged by our Chinese distributor Purist Audio, this exclusive and unique presentation was held as a preview event to the recent Guangzhou High End Show, featuring 3 VIP auditions (at an admission fee) for 200+ people, that truly were nothing less than concert-like experiences for the audience!

The show itself hosted another appealing presentation: The Asian Premiere presentation of the new UNO Fino Edition speakers! Adequately set up in a superb ambiance, this new entry level to our "classic" line of speakers made an excellent impression, both visually and musically.


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