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Aliseo has a global recognition for producing innovative and shapely hotel appliances, such as hairdryers, lighted mirrors etc., which are the standard in numerous top category hotels. And Aliseo is, just like Avantgarde Acoustic, a member of the prestigious German Design Council! From this connection now yielded another fruitful coopeartion with Aliseo's renowned ART PROJECTS.

This year the large halls at Aliseo's headquarters in Gengenbach (Black Forest) host a multi-genre exhibition with works from  18 contemporary artists, shown under the title "unmensch antastbar" (inhuman touchable). The excellently attended vernissage event took place on June 16., opened by a declarative speech from curator Dr. Ulrike Lehman, and provided the opportunity to meet and talk to the attending artists.

Last-but-not-least the event also offered a unique sound experience: DJ Paula Serra and saxophone player Ramon Riera (both from Spain) contributed by their saxophone flavoured club sound show, and Avantgarde Acoustic's TRIO, BASSHORN and XA POWER conveyed their infectuous dancefloor fillers with amazing clarity and punch.


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