Avantgarde & Haute Fidélité, France

In its February 2018 issue #230, the world renowned 'Haute Fidélité' magazine from France took a closer look at the merits of our ZERO TA horn loudspeaker...

Avantgarde & HiFi Pig

In its March 2018 issue, the renowned 'Hifi Pig' online magazine has published a detailed interview with our founder and MD Holger Fromme...

Avantgarde & LEO Fung

On March 4, LEO Fung, the renowned Chinese recording and mastering engineer, attracted more than 400 people during an audio event in Guangzhou. Held in a large conference hall, and generously supported by our Chinese Distributor Purist Audio,  he talked about his feelings about music, playing musical examples through a pair of DUO MEZZO XD...

Avantgarde & HEM Audio Event Stockholm

The HEM show (introduced in 2011) has matured into a "lighthouse" audio event in Scandinavia, held in 3 classy locations, all centrally located. This year the 100 seat Sankta Clara auditorium inside the Klara Strand Conference Center was used for a true "highlight of the show" presentation...

Avantgarde & Switch Magazine Coverstory

The Hifi & Music Magazine Fidelity visits the Hifi Studio Wittmann - a tribute to a passioned audio distributor and an Avantgarde Acoustic lover.

Avantgarde & Switch Magazine Coverstory

We have been thrilled to offer you one kind of a show at the Norddeutsche Hifi–Tage in Hamburg, one of the most important Audio High-End fairs in Germany. With an always full showroom, we presented the Avantgarde Acoustic Duo Mezzo XD and the XA Series with the finest tunes, leaving no compromises to the passion and emotions we want to share with you. 


Avantgarde & Switch Magazine Coverstory

We are amazed to find the Avantgarde Acoustic TRIO Classico and the Basshorn XD on the cover of the Japanese Switch Magazine. 

Fantastic Press Echo 2018

The hard PR work pays off more and more: 2018 starts with a series of publications that nicely bring our brand image forward, notably in the world renowned Swiss ATRIUM architectural magazine! In its SERVICE section the magazine regularly informs...

Avantgarde & Dentsply-Sirona Roadshow

Dentsply-Sirona is the market leader and world's largest professional dental equipment provider, with their main factory located in Bensheim, just a 15 minutes drive from our factory! We were now chosen to participate in an exciting cooperation...

season's greetings all our customers, friends and fans of the brand!