TRIO + SUB231 France


Avantgarde TRIO + SUB231


“Seat Relax Smile and Enjoy!!”  AVANTGARDE Acoustic

A system built around the TRIO speakers and 300B HALGORYTHME electronics to rediscover THE music.
Audio system instruction
-Speakers : TRIO Omega G1 with its two Active Subwoofers 225, 109dB-19 Ohms 18-20000 Hz,
-Pre-Amplifier : HALGORYTHME CV181 PSE Line with 6dB gain, Khozmo 48 stepped attenuator with CMS resistors.
-Pre Amp Separate Power Supply : JJ GZ34 full wave rectifier and 6AS7G GEC ballasted stereo power supply referenced with 4 x OA2 tubes.
-Mono-blocks amplifiers : HALGORYTHME  300B SE 8W, 6SN7driver and input stage, GZ34 full wave rectifier, 6B4G ballasted power supply for driver and input stage, referenced with 2 VR150 tubes.
For this electronics, a beautiful association of about 20 tubes made in Russia, Eastern Country, China, US, UK, France, which the oldest date 1930-40s.
-CD player : KRELL KAV 280 CD (today), Class A, 4 x individual high resolution convertors 24bits
-Dematerialized Music : DAC M1 Musical Fidelity 192/24, Ipad & Airport Expert, QOBUZ HI-FI
-Cables : MIT Modulation and Speakers
-Dedicated 40 m² listening room, bass traps with integrated 3D Schroeder Diffusers, ceiling device diffracting/absorbing, IKEA Kallax and Kivik.
Close the door is just music ON world OFF!
Congratulations to AVANTGARDE Acoustic and HALGORYTME for such accomplished products.
Thanks a lot to give me every day the chance to have my favorite instrument, singer or private concert at home.

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