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Thank you for being so helpful in answering my questions over the past months. Good news; last week I bought a pair of Zero 1 Pros (in black). I have to say that they are fantastic, and exceed all my expectations! They also look beautiful, and my wife loves the look of them even more than our last speakers (Martin Logan electrostats).

Having been together for more than for 20 years, she has become something of a hifi critic; whenever we hear other people’s systems she always passes comment that they don’t sound as good as ours (and she is very perceptive at identifying weaknesses in sound quality!).

With our previous system everything from rock, to classical, to acoustic sounded very beautiful, but also rather boring and uninvolving compared with the Zeros. For example,  AC/DC’s “Back in Black” had no punch and the dynamics were crushed. The same track on the Zeros is thrilling; it pins you to the wall. With everything from acoustic music like King’s of Convenience to rock, classical  orchestras, solo piano or jazz, again the result is the same; the Zeros demand attention and keep you listening. They also work amazingly well when used with movies.

From the moment my wife heard the Zero 1s she was also completely convinced. I played her some of her favourite tracks and every time her reaction was “for this track alone, I would have bought these speakers”. Richard Hawley’s “Don’t stare at the sun” left her speechless.

Anyway, I’m sure I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know about these speakers, but it never hurts to have good feedback.

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