Avantgarde DUO OMEGA Germany


Avantgarde DUO OMEGA


A pair of gorgeous Duo Omega G1 which I have just recently purchased as the 2nd owner from another horn speaker enthusiast in Luxembourg. The G1 to me is still a classic in modern product design, no offense, but I much prefer this over the G2, but like all things in life, this is up to individual taste. In any case, the sound is the best I’ve ever heard in my living room: actually pretty much the opposite of what people would expect with horn speakers – the soundscape is amazing, almost holographic, the tonality is warm and at the same time full of amazing detail. The only step further would be listening to live music. But be warned: once you have heard these speakers, there is absolutely no way back! For those who are interested in the set up: sources include a Transrotor Super Seven 40/60 with TMD drive, SME 3500 arm and Benz Micro Wood L2, powered by the “Fein” power supply and pre-amplified by a Trigon Vanguard II, furthermore a Yamaha CD-S2000 CD-/SACD-player and last but not least, a Squeezebox Touch for HiRes-Streaming and Internet-Radio through a Cambridge Audio DacMagic. Amplification is provided by UK-made SUGDEN Au41C and Au41, the latter being a pure Class-A design, which makes a beautiful partnership with the Avantgarde Acoustic speakers. On a side note, there is a Musical Fidelity V-Can II feeding a Beyer Dynamic DT770Pro. Interconnects are all Oehlbach XXL series, power distribution with “SUN Netzleiste” and speaker cables are Fadel Art “The Stream”. Let me take this opportunity to thank Armin Krauss of Avantgarde Acoustic for his amazing support on the phone – he provided more customer service to a 2nd hand purchaser than most others would do for brand new product!

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