Avantgarde Acoustic - TRIO XD


Willkommen beim berauschendsten, kompromisslosesten, natürlichsten und mit Abstand außergewöhnlichsten Lautsprechersystem der Welt, der Trio. Der einzigartigen Trio. Einem der wenigen Produkte unserer Zeit, die noch von Konkurrenzlosigkeit sprechen dürfen. Die Trio darf es nicht nur wegen ihrer State-of-the-art-Technologie. Nicht nur wegen ihrer maximal kondensierten sphärischen Hornarchitektur. Auch nicht wegen ihres kunstvollen Erscheinungsbildes. Sie darf es, weil ihr unbeschreibliches Klangbild den Hörer ohne Umwege dorthin befördert, wo alles Alltägliche vergessen ist. Welt aus. Musik an.

Das System
TRIO XD Produktübersicht


Die technischen Spezifikationen sprechen für sich: Atemberaubende 19 Ohm Impedanz vereint mit einem umwerfenden Wirkungsgrad von 109 dB. Absolute Rekorddaten für einen Serienlautsprecher.


  • 109 dB Wirkungsgrad
  • 27 Ohm Treiber mit Strontium-Ferrit Magnet
  • 180 mm sphärisches Hochtonhorn
  • 570 mm sphärisches Mitteltonhorn
  • 950 mm sphärisches Tiefmitteltonhorn
  • 100 V CPC-Frequenzweiche
  • Subwoofer als separate Einheiten verfügbar

ab 68.200 EUR/Paar (inkl. SUB231)

Für die TRIO bieten wir 3 Subwoofervarianten an:

SUB231 XD > zum Produkt
BASSHORN XD > zum Produkt

TRIO XD Produktübersicht


Horntyp Sphärisches Horn
Hornmaterial ABS, Spritzguss
Horn Oberfläche poliert und lackiert
Horn Öffnungswinkel 180 Grad
Horn Fläche 0,255 qm
Horn Durchmesser 570 mm
Horn Länge 430 mm
CDC (Controlled Dispersion Characteristic) ja

HORN Treiber

Membrandurchmesser     50 mm
Membramaterial     PEEK, beschichtet
Magnetmaterial     Strontium-Ferrit
TRIO XD Produktübersicht


Horntyp Sphärisches Horn
Hornmaterial ABS Spritzguss
Horn Oberfläche poliert und lackiert
Horn Öffnungswinkel 180 Grad
Horn Fläche 0,025 qm
Horn Durchmesser 180 mm
Horn Länge 85 mm

HORN Treiber

Membrandurchmesser 25 mm
Membranmaterial Mylar
Magnetmaterial Ferrit
Tief- / Mittelton
TRIO XD Produktübersicht


Horntyp Sphärisches Horn
Hornmaterial ABS, Spritzguss
Horn Oberfläche poliert und lackiert
Horn Öffnungswinkel 180 Grad
Horn Fläche 0,709 qm
Horn Durchmesser 950 mm
Horn Länge 650 mm
CDC (Controlled Dispersion Characteristic) ja

Horn Treiber

Membrandurchmesser 200 mm, 8”
Membramaterial Soft Mesh
Magnetmaterial Strontium-Ferrit
Mechanische Konstruktion
TRIO XD Produktübersicht


Unterteil und Füße 4 speziell gefertigte, konische Spikes mit Präzisionsgewinde
Rahmengestell Fußrahmen aus massivem Aluminium-Guß, 3 Stahl-Standrohre
Befestigungselemente zwischen Rahmen und Gehäuserohren Massive Aluminium-Abstandshalter mit gerändeltem Aluminiumgriff
Horn-Montage Schraubverbindung für Mittel- und Hochtonhorn
Maßnahmen an den Gehäuserohren Innen angebrachte Dämpfungsmatten
Avantgarde Acoustic - TRIO XD
Avantgarde Acoustic - TRIO XD
Avantgarde Acoustic - TRIO XD

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Avantgarde Acoustic TRIO XD

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Gehäuse­ausführung (BASSHORN XD)

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Wohnraum Designer


There´s nothing quite large horns if you want to make a strong visual statement! The Sound Travels episode features a high-efficiency system with a mix of technologies, past and present, assembled by an audiophile who has music thickly flowing in his blood. (HI FI AUSTRALIA, Edgar Kramer, AUSTRALIA)


With the Trio G2 the music was powerful, filling the whole room, but it wasn't thrusting. Even though it was loud, each instrument was right on the spot, and none of them was trying to dominate. It was perfect and complete. At that moment, I felt that nothing should be added to, or taken away from, it. (STEREO SOUND AND VISION, Göde András, HUNGARY)


"Una estética sonora poco habitual entre los amantes del High End absoluto de nuestro país, un anfitrión absolutamente singular y un stablecimiento que sabe estar como pocos a la altura de las circunstancias." (ALTA FIDELIDAD, Salvador Dangla, SPAIN)


"My first impression when I heard the TRIO with BASSHORN was just one word ...Spectacular! I have never experienced such cutting, crisp sound reproduction before. A flood of sound." (ANALOG MAGAZINE, Seiichi Goto, JAPAN)


“Every audiophile wants them. It is the simple quest for a classic and true style. The Avantgarde TRIO system is obviously the archetype of the one and only “natural” speaker. The red spherical horn under a warm light illumination already transcends a luxury atmosphere even before the music has begun. Thereafter it is just beeing infatuated and enchanted by the music.” (HI-FI AND HI-VI MONTHLY, Feng-Jia Chang, TAIWAN)


“You can virtually feel the air moving in its tonality and intensity - a real experience! The purity of the sound all of a sudden straps you to the seat as if you were sitting in the first row of a live concert. The hyper fast acoustical power of the BASSHORN is simply speaking diabolic. Only after auditioning you will really understand about the big gap of the Avantgarde compared to conventional systems.” (STEREO AND IMAGE, editorial staff, FRANCE)

STEREO E IMAGE France logo

<“Mr. Matthias Ruff of Avantgarde Acoustic was shocked by the sound of ordinary horn systems and since then was taking pains to develop the ideal horn concept by the means of a logical approach. The approach was to achieve the best sound by acoustically minimizing the existence of the speaker. Listening to the TRIO system, I came to feel that the speaker reached a state of speaking the truth at last - after taking a long time and long way.” (STEREO, Kouichi Imaizumi, JAPAN)

STEREO Japan logo

“The TRIO with BASSHORN is - so to speak - resetting the clock. It reminds us that a speaker with high sensitivity and correctly executed horn technology is the only serious solution for people who like to have a real concert feeling at home. The speaker is beautifull, its curves irresistible and the sound is simply seductive. If you like the real thing, there is not much to think about ...” (PRESTIGE AUDIO, Pierre-Andre Viollet, FRANCE)


“The TRIO with six BASSHORNS is a ultra modern, huge fully horn loaded speaker system that cannot be designed without using on today’s modern technologies. The precise, high resolution presentation is an exceptional characteristic of this type of full horn system. The sound reproduced from this speaker is completely extraordinary with a huge scale of sound stage that well deserves its magnificent beauty.” (STEREO SOUND, Issue #147, editoral staff, JAPAN)


“Pure acoustics, only the absolute necessary electronics - and a realism in sound is achieved in the audiophile royal class only by the size of the TRIO horns. Back to the roots of the physics - again the membranes are incredibly small, move at lightning speed, dynamic and clean. The reward: the elaborate designed horn-transducers reproduce a sound like at a life concert. Ironically as well at very low volumes as the TRIO translates even the slightest soupcon of difference in sound pressure into full sound.” (HANDELSBLATT, A. Postinett, GERMANY)


“An unbelievable high end sensation. The TRIO with BASSHORN plays extremely civilized and extremely unlimited. No colorations, beautiful separation of the chorus – fantastic. The drums can best be described as controlled explosions. The air is erupted out of the nowhere, so clueless and so seaming less. The music stands like a big wall in front of us: stable and incredible transparent in all its musical details. What an experience! Absolutely fabulous. “ (STEREO, M. Boede, GERMANY)

STEREO Germany logo

“The TRIO with BASSHORNs is a very special super speaker that delivers the superiority of a high sensitivity horn speaker system to the audience. Avantgarde took a minimalistic approach to design this speaker. They put all conventional horn designs back on the drawing board and started to redesign it all over again, taking a simple and logical approach. The presentation is up-front, delicate, yet powerful. This speaker is highly sensitive and has an exceptionally wide range.” (STEREO SOUND, Issue #149, editoral staff, JAPAN)


“Leisure of it all. Rest assured, these are surely one of the best speakers in the world that´s worth every penny spent. True to its brand name Avantgarde Acoustic are products of intelligentsia at its best. Not only do they look radical, they are majestic to the truest sense. In the Avantgarde speakers, the fortissimo of instruments, the lucidity in vocals and every minute detail filled up the small room with superior quality of music. Simply spell bounding staff!” (LIVING DIGITAL, B. Kutty, INDIA)


“Be overwhelmed by an unexpected favor to your eyes and to your ears. With the TRIO system Avantgarde Acoustic has repositioned the horn technology. It is not old-fashioned product anymore. Instead, it is a masterpiece which could show your grandeur.” (HI-FI AND HI-VI MONTHLY, Jerry Pu, TAIWAN)


“Fresh, raw sound by the unique TRIO spherical horn system with its SUB231 subwoofer. Sometimes this speaker takes my breath away with its sound. I can feel the charm like no other speaker has. And I can feel its huge possibility. The sound has a strong impact. The sound ‘flies’ to the audience with openness.” (STEREO SOUND, Issue #150, editoral staff, JAPAN)


“The virtue of the TRIO hornspeaker: its distinctive dynamics. The music seams to jump directly into the ear. Fast and complex sequences are incredibly precise seperated. Differences in pressure fastidiously reproduced. This difference is audible as well at home. Here even the listening at low volume levels is a real treat, as the dynamics of the music is not planished and smoothed.” (FAZ, G. Lignau, GERMANY)

FAZ Germany logo

“If you have any affinity for horn speakers, you must admire and perhaps even lust for the TRIO. This is another speaker that makes a statement big as life. The TRIO made beautifully dynamic music, displaying the qualities I would look for in a big horn speaker without showing any traditional weaknesses. And remember not to close your eyes all the time while listening - the TRIO is very nice to look at. (SOUNDSTAGE, M. Frank, USA)


<Straightaway, I was captivated by the speed and immensity of the sound. The TRIO/BASSHORN combo was blazingly fast, incredibly dynamic, frequency-extended, exceptionally detailed, lushly layered - and vividly lifelike. Was it the real thing? Hmmmmm - I don’t know. But it was visceral enough that you could reach out and touch the performers. Was it just like live music? Wellllll, again, that’s a reach, but it sure felt life-like, and what’s more, it was just plain fun.” (6MOONS.COM, C. Stern, USA)


“This speaker reveals details, which no boxed speaker is capable of. Listening in front of these majestic horns is like driving a racing car. The acceleration is incomparable. Enormous efficiency. The big acoustical magnifying glass: deeper soundstage than probably any other speaker on the world market. Fascinating presence and incredible analytical detail. Engineered and built to perfection - like a sculpture.” (STEREOPLAY, A. Günther, GERMANY)

STEREOPLAY Germany logo

“The only criteria that really counts - capability to reproduce music – the TRIO is an offer without any competition in the top end. The TRIO controls the atmosphere and dominates the air in the room like no other speaker. The level of radiated energy is over-whelming. Thanks to the perfect clarity - cleanness of the world’s best low/mid combination - the TRIO mainly mediates the emotional impact of music. A “true” speaker for real music lovers.” (HAUTE FIDELITE, O. Corton, FRANCE)


“The true strength of the TRIO is when playing loud. The violant gitarre riffs of Rammstein sound as a live concert in the first row. But even with tender levels the horn surprises. Nat King Cole voice sounds as if standing in front of you in the room. Who ones heard this fascinating speaker will likely start crying.“ (T3, Ulf Schneider, GERMANY)

T3 Germany logo

A very long and comprehensive article about the Trio system. It includes a very detailled explanation on the technology of Avantgarde Acoustic. An english translation is still pending. (AUDIOPHILE, Editorial staff, KOREA)


“Holeee Cow. More than a Duo on steroids, much more. This is another level. All the same attributes, but more. More detail, wider, deeper soundstage, bass with physical impact, players in the room, with all the clues that allow you to completely suspend disbelief. Utterly natural but at the same time your could hear whether artists were breathing through nose or mouth, hear the fingering technique on double bass and guitar, appreciate the fine touch of Rubenstein, the genius of Heifitz. etc. etc. The TRIO may change your perception of what a 16/44 CD can do.” (AUDIO ASYLUM, Steve, USA)


“They are easily the fastest and most realistically dynamic loudspeakers I´ve heard. Their greatness lies not only in their huge dynamic capabilities but in the natural lifelike speed with which they recreate dynamic gradations. They can shade dynamics as Sinatra can shade a lyric, eliciting the most subtle emotional nuances from music. I can think of no higher praise.” (STEREOPHILE, A. Kay, USA)


“These gorgeous flowers make music and music-makers sound astonishingly realistic. There is no loudspeaker on the planet with better dynamic range and scaling than the TRIO. Considering that they rival their competition, they are something like a bargain. You cannot buy a loudspeaker that gives you more ‘in the room’ presence.” (THE ABSOLUTE SOUND - Golden Ear Awards, J. Valin, USA)

TAS logo

"The Trio made beautifully dynamic music, displaying the qualities I would look for in a big horn speaker without showing any of the traditional weaknesses. If horns are your thing and you have the space and you have the funds, then these speakers should be high on your list of options. If the previous conditions do not apply, you should still go and have a listen to them anyway. And remember not to close your eyes all the time while listening-the Trios are very nice to look at." (SOUNDSTAGE, Robert Jorgensen, USA)


“Horn culture par excellence: three spherical horns guarantee unlimited dynamics and a new level of fun. The natural tonal balance - which I absolutely did not expect - did the rest. Incredible: For the first time I did not hear any horntypical colorations! On the contrary, the TRIO impressed with a lifelike and sheeny reproduction. The TRIO is without any doubt the most fascinating and sensible speaker system of our times.” (STEREO, H. Barske, GERMANY)

STEREO Germany logo

“They are unquestionably the finest loudspeakers I have heard in my home and, without any doubt, one of the best loudspeaker systems in the whole blooming world ... and from an engineering standpoint the most remarkable. There is no sense of stepping up o the next dynamic level - no hard-ceilinged upper limit, no lost-in-the-murk lower limit, no mechanical ratcheting in between. Well-recorded music breathes forth with the naturalness of the real thing.” (FI, J. Valin, USA) 

FI Magazine logo

“A percussion solo or the powerful cue of a large orchestra quickly teaches us that absolutely perfect sound reproduction is possible. Realised to an extent that turns even high-quality standard speakers into tired, worn-out background figures. Concurrently, just as a side effect, a nearly imperceptible network of details comes to the surface which - due to its transparency and neat structure of details - offers another, so far unknown quality.” (IMAGE HIFI, R. Kraft, GERMANY)

IMAGE HIFI Germany logo



Avantgarde Acoustic™ Trio speaker system with six Basshorns was honored with the BEST SPEAKER SYSTEM OF THE YEAR AWARD 2011 - 2012 by the 21hifi.com magazine, China. The ...



Avantgarde Acoustic™ is honored by the High Fidelity Magazine, Polen with the BEST SOUND OF THE SHOW AWARD 2011 for its presentation at the High End Show 2011 in Munich, Germany.



Avantgarde Acoustic™ ´s Trio speaker system is honored with the AUDIO EXCELLENCE AWARD 2004 by the ONGEN PUBLISHING Co. "For novelty and originality of the horn speaker system", Japan



Avantgarde Acoustic™ s Trio speaker system with six Basshorns is honored with the GRAND PRIX AWARD 2003 by the STEREO SOUND magazine, Japan.



Avantgarde Acoustic™ s Trio speaker system is honored with the GOLDEN EAR AWARD 2000 by the ABSOLUTE SOUND magazine, USA.

Purity meets Performance

Denn die Frage wird kommen. Spätestens beim Anblick einer Duo Grosso in „Turmaline Vivid Black“. Oder einer Trio Classico mit Basshorn. Vielleicht auch beim Lesen begeisterter Äußerungen von Kunden und Experten. What's so special about Avantgarde Acoustic?

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Unsere Hornlautsprecher stehen für eine zeitlose Idee. Das Horn als akustisches Prinzip ist das Leitmotiv, die Umsetzung in moderne, hochwertige Produkte die große Herausforderung.

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XA Serie

Wer sich ernsthaft vornimmt, eine Sache neu zu denken beginnt bei der schwierigsten aller Fragen. Sie lautet: "Warum?" Erfahren Sie, weshalb gerade diese elementare Fragestellung zum Ausgangspunkt für eines der wohl ambitioniertesten Projekte in der Geschichte der Verstärkertechnologie wurde: Unsere XA-Serie.

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Mehr als 100 Jahre liegt es zurück, dass Emil Berliner erstmals der Öffentlichkeit sein Grammophon vorführte. Der Horntrichter verstärkte die mechanischen Schwingungen der Nadel in der Plattenrille, so dass sie für das menschliche Ohr hörbar wurden.

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