Avantgarde Acoustic - DUO PRIMO XD


Markant sein, aus Prinzip. Eine Symbiose erschaffend von Reinheit und Kraft. Das ist die DUO PRIMO XD. Jedes einzelne System von fachkundiger Hand auftragsbezogen gefertigt, mit ultimativer Achtsamkeit und Präzision. Und mit Stolz und großem Respekt gegenüber dem zukünftigen Besitzer, der nach rund 70 Tagen Produktionszeit das persönlichste und klangintensivste Musikerlebnis geniessen kann, das unsere DUO-Serie zu bieten hat. Alltag aus. Musik an.

Das System


Die technischen Spezifikationen sprechen für sich: Atemberaubende 18 Ohm Impedanz vereint mit einem umwerfenden Wirkungsgrad von 107 dB. Wahrscheinlich die weltweit besten Daten für einen Serienlautsprecher.


  • 107 dB Wirkungsgrad
  • 18 Ohm Treiber mit Alnico Magnet
  • 670 mm sphärisches Mitteltonhorn
  • CDC-System ohne passive Filter
  • 100 V CPC-Frequenzweiche
  • Subwoofer mit DSP-Steuerung
  • 4 x 12 Zoll Basstreiber
  • expo-sphärisches Basshorn
  • 2000 W Bassendstufe

ab 81.000 EUR/Paar

DUO MEZZO Produktübersicht


Horntyp Sphärisches Horn
Hornmaterial ABS, Spritzguss
Horn Oberfläche poliert und lackiert
Horn Öffnungswinkel 180 Grad
Horn Fläche 0,353 qm
Horn Durchmesser 670 mm
Horn Länge 370 mm
CDC (Controlled Dispersion Characteristic) ja

HORN Treiber

Membrandurchmesser 170 mm
Membramaterial Soft Mesh
Magnetmaterial Alnico
DUO MEZZO Produktübersicht


Horntyp Sphärisches Horn
Hornmaterial ABS Spritzguss
Horn Oberfläche poliert und lackiert
Horn Öffnungswinkel 180 Grad
Horn Fläche 0,025 qm
Horn Durchmesser 180 mm
Horn Länge 85 mm

HORN Treiber

Membrandurchmesser 25 mm
Membranmaterial Mylar
Magnetmaterial Ferrit
DUO MEZZO Produktübersicht


Treiber Durchmesser 300 mm/12“
Membranmaterial SCS verstärktes Papier
Magnetmaterial Ferrit
Treiber pro Kanal 4
DUO MEZZO Produktinfos


Verstärkerleistung (RMS) 2000 (4 x 500) Watt, Class-D
Aktive Frequenzweiche Per DSP programmierbar
Subsonicfilter Per DSP programmierbar
12V Ferneinschaltung ja
Limiter ja
Programmable via LAN/USB ja/ja
Eingänge, umschaltbar 1 x Speaker-level und 1 x XLR (f)
Durchschleif-Ausgang 1 x XLR (m)
Mechanische Konstruktion
DUO MEZZO Produktinfos


Unterteil und Füße T-Gussrahmen, 3 verstellbare Tellerfüße mit Präzisionsgewinde
Subwoofer-Gehäuse Versteifte Konstruktion aus 22-40 mm Sandwich-Holzplatten
Subwoofer-Frontabdeckung Zentrale Stoffabdeckungen, abnehmbar
Betriebsanzeige Leuchtdiode in der Subwoofer-Front
Horn-Montage Aluminium-Frästeile für Mittel- und Hochtonhorn
Gehäusedämpfungs-Maßnahmen Innen angebrachte Dämpfungsmatten

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Avantgarde Acoustic DUO PRIMO

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""The result? Well, extraordinary! The sound turns into … music to be listened to, with eyes closed enjoying the naturalness of the timbre. Just magic! The soundstage is filled up with vivid and full bodied instruments and voices. The absolute silence is an astounding result if you consider the valve state amplifications and the high efficiency loudspeakers: 104 db!" (REMUSIC, Roberto Rocchi, ITALY)

REMUSIC Italy logo

“We don’t remember of any other speaker that could perform such great dynamics and peaks of big orchestras and chorus without any compression and distortion like the DUO. It can easily fill even the biggest rooms with zero compression. The DUO is able to reproduce all kinds of music with detail, accuracy, coherence, dynamics, micro dynamics and colors of sounds in a way, we have never heard before. We will never forget this exceptional listening experience” (HITECH, T. Katsenis, GREECE)

HITECH Greece logo

“Sure if you can afford DUO OMEGA you could probably also afford much more expensive and thus even better amp. But in contrary to many high-end loudspeakers it is not a must to have also a super-expensive amp to get a great performance from the speakers. Even with much less expensive amplifier Avantgardes can offer performance that is not obtainable for many competitors from the same price level regardless of how expensive the whole system is." (HIGH FIDELITY, Marek Dyba, POLEN)


"I was knocked out firstly by the look (of the DUO G2), then by the sound. You can rarely find such natural, responsive speaker as Avantgarde. Simply stunning." (ANALOG MAGAZINE, Masahiro Nakatsuka, JAPAN)

ANALOG Japan logo

"It´s like a rebirth: the new DUO G2 arrived. It´s outstanding strength are human voices. I played Andrea Boccelli´s "Vivere". The opening is unbelievable powerful with a very rich bass. But at the same time the notes are clean and totally controlled. Thereafter I played Mariza "Concerto em Lisboa". It´s just like Mariza stands in front of you: totally real. That´s how human voices sound in real life! This ability of reproducing music so realisticly puts its way ahead of any conventional speaker system. The DUO G2 is as charming as a wonderful dream." (AUDIO ART, Jack Liu, TAIWAN)


“The DUO G2 - the enchantment of the mermaid. The Avantgarde demonstrated a visceral sound with a dynamic, lightness and fast response of transients. As expected it was able to produce a large sound with willful, realistic and palpable presentation of the musical event - neutral, open and straightforward. Although extremely detailed it cannot be accused of coldness. On the contrary ... Very open, transparent, fantastically dynamic while revealing the smallest details that many other speakers are tabula rasa.” (AUDIO & CINEMA EM CASA, J. Zeferino, PORTUGAL)


“The DUO sound is high definition, and imaging is focused and delicate thanks to the system’s high sensitivity. The echo blends well to the sound. The reverb of instruments sound spreads across the soundstage, as if it is visibly recognized to the audience. True-to-life imaging has a convincing reality. Imaging is three-dimensional and perspective is very clear. The soundscape of the hall is almost visible to the eyes. Listen to this speaker in comfort in a large room and you will find a truly unique sound expression.” (AUDIO ACCESSORY, Chitake Inoue, JAPAN)


“I cannot say that I listen to the DUO PRIMO … They are so transparent that instead I should say: I listen to a certain amplifier through the Avantgarde. The reality of reproduction was so close to a live music experience that I simply closed my eyes. The performer was standing in front of me.” (SUONO, Paolo Corciulo, ITALY)

SUONO Italy logo

“Once you listen to the DUO, you will find no way to escape from its sound. Don´t try to resist. It´s a feeling like a glass of icy-cold beer in hot summer night. For those audiophiles who got exhausted while wandering around various loudspeakers, and for those who love the looks of these extraodinary tower, the DUO is obviously an exit out of the ordinary.” (AUDIO, K. Nam, KOREA)

AUDIO Korea logo


“Without any doubt, the DUO MEZZO sounds effortless, extremely open and emotional touching. You must experience this by yourself, to understand. The totally unleashed dynamics are unbelievable fascinating. This turns on and gets you addicted. This explosiveness ca not be reached with any other system. The original dynamics of a symphony orchestra played through the DUO MEZZO formally outclasses other boxes. With the right music and attitude this is the topmost ever!” (STEREO, T. Frantzen, GERMANY)

STEREO Germany logo

“The all-horn DUO PRIMO speaker system has an infinite of possibilities. Stereo Sound magazine would like to applaud Avantgarde’s achievement of leading the traditional horn speaker to the next level by implementing their cutting-edge technologies.” (STEREO SOUND, Issue #156, editoral staff, JAPAN)


“The DUO PRIMOs balance of power between strings and piano in Schubert’s ‘Trout’ was near to the utmost. Multiply revolving around the brilliant piano sound, the strings played no less allurig. The balance of piano and strings were amazing. The sudden and sometimes rough outbursts of the music easily calmed down to easy floating motions and melodies - realistically as a visual painting of art.” (AUDIO, Cho Young Chul, KOREA)

AUDIO Korea logo

“The sound performance of the DUO has amazed us - an unforgettable experience. The sound image is like virtual reality , making the speakers to totally disappear. The sound stage has realistic dimensions, unlimited depth, life like height, accurate positions of each instrument, musicians and singers in the music scene. The listener does not only hear music, but is living, feeling and seeing the music exactly as it was performed.” (HITECH, T. Katsenis, GREECE)

HITECH Greece logo

“The DUO is simply the finest horn loudspeaker we have ever heard, and we’ve heard plenty of them over the years. Amazingly, it isn’t even their top-of-the-line model. It is the first horn loudspeaker I’ve heard that doesn’t have horn colorations. The dynamic gradations are state of the art. It’s sense of immediacy and transparency are amazing. It’s simply “alive” sounding. We tried to find its “fatal flaw”- but we failed!” (HIGH END AUDIO, A. Salvatore, CANADA)

HIGH END AUDIO Canada logo

“An Avantgarde yet classical horn speaker system revived with today’s technology. The dynamic range of the DUO is huge, and the presentation is highly sensitive and precise. A characteristic of this high sensitivity speaker system. With superb transient and openness, the sound is charming to the ears. In addition to this, very present stereo imaging and soundscape reconstructed by the sound directly delivered to the ear without containing much room reflections. A unique achievement of this type of horn system.” (STEREO SOUND, Issue #148, editoral staff, JAPAN)


“To round all this up, the Avantgarde hornspeaker is amazing. Even after hearing the DUOs it is like going from the Ferrari F40 to the Ferrari Enzo. For those looking for the speed of electrostatic panel loudspeakers yet with the easy of drive and dynamics of horns, the DUOs should make your very short list of must audition. Of course in the end what really matters is that you ... Enjoy the Music.” (ENJOY THE MUSIC, Steve Rochlin, USA) 


"The DUOs do all of the normal audio tricks of imaging and soundstaging; plus a few not so common audio tricks like the realistic recreation of a living, breathing, soundspace; lifelike dynamics and life-size aural images. Musically they allow the emotional content to come through in spades, and they play the beat right. More than any other speaker that I have had the pleasure to enjoy, the DUOs immerse me in an musically convincing soundspace that is a near musical epiphany at every listening session. (AUDIO ASYLUM, J. Day, USA)


“The totally balanced combination reveals very fast - very much. The DUO sounds incredibly natural. There are simply no colorations! The competition had no chance when our test program played real dynamic tracks. Some tracks have such an incredible dynamic bandwidth, that most conventional speakers simply smooth-off, or to it say more clearly - compress! Not the DUO´s! The best symbiosis of horn and conventional technology I know.” (AUDIOPHILE, H. Biermann, GERMANY)


“The inexhaustible dynamic reserves of the DUO show the incredible strength of this set of horn satellite and active subwoofer. Drums sound totally unplugged. No peaks or fortissimo really challenge this speaker. Piano concerts are reproduced with original dynamics. No compression effect deteriorate the thrilling experience of a life orchestra.” (STEREO, U. Rattai, GERMANY)

TEREO Germany logo

“The DUO is a musical and beautifully sounding seducement. The DUO comes close to the listener, reaches him in every corner of his mind and floods the room with music – escape is impossible. This is how music reproduction should be: inspire emotions, disperse relaxation and convey energy. (HIFI TEST, V. Frech, GERMANY)



"The DUOs do all of the normal audio tricks of imaging and soundstaging; plus a few not so common audio tricks like the realistic recreation of a living, breathing, soundspace; lifelike dynamics and life-size aural images. Musically they allow the emotional content to come through in spades, and they play the beat right. More than any other speaker that I have had the pleasure to enjoy, the DUOs immerse me in an musically convincing soundspace that is a near musical epiphany at every listening session." (6moons, J. Day, USA)


“These DUOs are one of the best speaker systems I’ve ever heard. I would have sworn Joan Armatrading was singing in my living room, but then so was Harry Christophers and his Sixteen, and Louis Armstrong, and Pat Metheny...and... and... and the neighbours kept finding excuses to visit...” (AUDIO QUARTERLY, C. Beeching, UK)


“The DUO is totally a new era of speaker concept in the 21st century. Every speaker design which should evolve in the future will trace its roots to the Avantgarde. … I strongly believe that the DUO will become an evolutionary mssionary in the history of speakers. I am sure just by looking at its visual appearance and by listening to its sound!!” (AUDIO ACCESSORY, Yasukuni Terashima, JAPAN)


“I want you to know that we really enjoyed the DUO demo. We were swept away with their magic. The combination of clarity, lack of distortion, and stupendous dynamics was most impressive. Easily Best Sound at Show, and I mean anywhere in Las Vegas!” (ENJOY THE MUSIC.com, D. Olsher, USA)


“These DUOs are simply the best I have ever heard. Nothing else has come so close to recreating the power and finesse of a full organ, or bringing a full orchestra into the living room, and of conveying the emotion of a solo performance. These horn systems are so revealing of the sources that it’s hard to imagine using anything else. My favourite reference speaker is now ousted in favour of these music-making devices.” (THE LISTENER, C. Beeching, UK)


“Never before has a loudspeaker system impressed like this. Never before has music touched me with such enchanting powers of authenticity as when played back over the DUO. Its strengths lie undoubtedly in this nearly hypnotic, distinctly addictive mien that doesn’t suffer the faintest hint of coloration. Pure music in all its facets! The excitement of live music is this system’s core signature. Accordingly: DUO fantastico.” (HÖRERLEBNIS, A. Aschenbrunner, GERMANY)


“Going from the UNOs to the DUOs is like going from the Ferrari F40 to the F50. While the F40 is known to be a little twitchy yet excellent, the F50 is easier to drive around the track and adds to the F40s already impressive track record. For those looking for the speed of electrostatic/panel loudspeakers, yet with the easy drive and dynamics of horns, the DUO should make your must-audition shortlist.” (ULTIMATE AUDIO, S. Rochlin, USA)


“The DUO captivated me with its musicality and unique qualities. In addition to the effortless and seemingly unlimited dynamics, the DUO system had an intimate quality that made it seem as though the musicians were communicating directly with me. It did what high-performance audio systems are supposed to do: involve the listener in the music. It went beyond the next level of musical communication.” (THE ABSOLUTE SOUND, R. Harley, USA)

TAS logo

“The DUOs are far and away the most fascinating and formidable speakers I’ve yet encountered. If you want the music to grab you by the short ‘n’ curlies, to commune with you most intimately, these DUOs might be your personal hotline to the aural deities. They’re for folks who want personal visitations, goose bumps, butterflies in the belly and the occasional heart-stopping scare. In short, they’re exactly my kind of breathless fantasy audio device.” (SOUNDSTAGE, S. Ebaen, USA)


"It’s about the music, remember? At least that’s what I ordered: Music, not muzak. How to tell the difference? Forget the audiophile artifacts. Holographic soundstaging. Image specificity. Stygian bass extension and monster bass slap’n’slam. Think live versus canned!" (6moons, S. Ebaen, USA)


"Hornmusic!" A comprehensive review of the Duo hornsystem by Avantgarde Acoustic in the High Fidelity magazine of Denmark. An english translation is in process. (HIGH FIDELITY, editorial staff, DENMARK)


“I´m a concert junkie, and I´m really trying to recreate the feeling of being in Wigmore Hall or Concertgebouw. Those are the sort of models I have for what music should sound like. After a year or so David is still very happy with the Duo´s. He´d probably consider moving up to the Trio´, if the room size didn´t prohibit it" (HIFI NEWS, Steve Harris, UK)


“What a Trip! The DUO catapults you right into the centre of the music. It drags you along and offers a truly holistic lifetime experience. Furthermore along this hell of a ride you will discover details, which you would never ever have dreamt about before. (STEREO, H. Barske, GERMANY)

STEREO Germany logo

"The DUOs have every attribute I ever wanted from a pair of speakers. And they do it so well that I sometimes forget that I‘m listening to a stereo system. Any form of music is reproduced like it sounds virtually like live, from the softest to the loudest, the lowest note to the highest. I‘ve heard great speakers, but this I had never heard before and it‘s like moving into another league, a large jump closer to live music. The DUO sure raises the bar.“ AUDIO ASYLUM, K. Strain, USA)


“Pure dynamic, which pulls your fillings. Pitch black bass, precise and with pressure. You clearly see the organ pipes in the depth of the room. Power and authority. The height of the sound imaging reaches from the floor up to the ceiling: Fantastic!” (HÖRERLEBNIS, M. Schmid, GERMANY)


“Music and lifestyle - simple, clean and elegant. Visually the DUO is like an element of style and art. A jewellery to elevate the decor of your house. Sonically it prooves its outstanding talent by creating a spatial aura full of emotions, beauteousness and sentiment.” (HI-FI AND HI-VI MONTHLY, Feng-Jia Chang, TAIWAN)

HIFI MONTHLY Taiwan logo


"With the Avantgarde Duo, regardeless of what music you are playing, you are not going to be a simple passive listener. But you will be totally drawn into the music by the rythm, the melody, the delicacy of the interpretation and the realism of the presence and its acoustical level." (PRESTIGE AUDIO, P. Vercher and J. Vallienne, FRANCE)


“So much goes on in the mid-range, and the DUO rewards its owner with excellent linearity, clarity, detail, separation of instrumetal lines, immediacy, and natural attack. There´s true sonic value in that majestically broad, dynamic midrange, in the obvious microdynamic delicacy and accuracy, the near-zero distortion, the potemtial for very high sound levels, the easy amplifier loading. You´ll need to listen to appreciate the quality of the entire creation.” (STEREOPHILE, M. Colloms, USA)


“The DUO breaks down the barriers between performance and reproduction in a way no conventional box loudspeaker can match. And such was the awesome tension and hair-curling realism. The exceptional involvement found me trawling through old favourites with new enthusiasm.” (HIFI CHOICE, P. Messenger, UK)


"Both Duo horns are very powerful. The sound seems to virtually explode in front of you. The sound characteristics can be described as analytical and very detailled. The horns simply reproduce every nuance of the recordings. Next to its outstanding sound quality I must confess that I love the design." (PRODUKTION UND TECHNOLOGIE, Klaus Linke, GERMANY)

IHK logo

“The DUOs sounded glorious, and far less colored than any other speaker I’ve heard employing horn-loaded drivers. The sound of massed choral voices was particularly sumptious, the speaker conjuring an eerie apparition of the original event. A true achievement. Not to be missed.” (GROOVENOISE.com, A. Chasin, USA)


"Stupendous 120dB sound pressure can be easily achieved with tiny little amplifiers. Listening at original volume levels is a lot of fun with the DUO´s. Drums are exploding without any absorbent cotton effects. No crescendo or fortissimo is challenging this speaker. Piano notes are hammered with original dynamics into the room." (STEREO, editorial staff, GERMANY)


Purity meets Performance

Denn die Frage wird kommen. Spätestens beim Anblick einer Duo Grosso in „Turmaline Vivid Black“. Oder einer Trio Classico mit Basshorn. Vielleicht auch beim Lesen begeisterter Äußerungen von Kunden und Experten. What's so special about Avantgarde Acoustic?

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Unsere Hornlautsprecher stehen für eine zeitlose Idee. Das Horn als akustisches Prinzip ist das Leitmotiv, die Umsetzung in moderne, hochwertige Produkte die große Herausforderung.

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XA Serie

Wer sich ernsthaft vornimmt, eine Sache neu zu denken beginnt bei der schwierigsten aller Fragen. Sie lautet: "Warum?" Erfahren Sie, weshalb gerade diese elementare Fragestellung zum Ausgangspunkt für eines der wohl ambitioniertesten Projekte in der Geschichte der Verstärkertechnologie wurde: Unsere XA-Serie.

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67433 Neustadt/Weinstr. | MT HiFi Tonstudio | Link zur Webseite
69124 Heidelberg | sound-heaven | Link zur Webseite
70195 Stuttgart | Hifi-Studio Wittmann | Link zur Webseite
80333 München | Reisenberger Galerien | Link zur Webseite
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84030 Landshut | Impulse HiFi&TV GmbH | Link zur Webseite
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Mehr als 100 Jahre liegt es zurück, dass Emil Berliner erstmals der Öffentlichkeit sein Grammophon vorführte. Der Horntrichter verstärkte die mechanischen Schwingungen der Nadel in der Plattenrille, so dass sie für das menschliche Ohr hörbar wurden.

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