Show-Highlight - the Avantgarde Acoustic Showroom

"Incredible!", "Overwhelming", "Awesome!" were the words we frequently heard, uttered by a large number of attendees that visited our exhibit at HIGH END 2017 show in Munich. And looking at the pictures it becomes quickly obvious why people reacted so entusiastically, as we had a "dual goosebump" surprise for them!

Firstly the LUXURY EDITION of the TRIO premiered! Never before have we redevelopped one of our speaker systems with such expenditure and luxuriousness, pushing the physical and technical boundaries, like with this - limited to 26 pairs -  TRIO model! Frame parts made from massive stainless steel bars, precious surfaces featuring rare wood veneer, crossover parts from hand-made manufacture, cabling made from gold-doped silver etc. All in all a very ambitious material usage which pays to the full extent - in every visual and every sonic respect!

Secondly we took the possibly biggest challenge that a loudspeaker can be faced with: every hour the highly talented drummer Oded Kafri played the TRIO LUXURY EDITION in a LIVE drum session! "What an energy!", "Intoxicating!", "A  super-talent!" and many more highly emotional comments were collected after his show, and we were very proud and happy to win him over for such an unusual musical event. His drumming truly was a feast for eyes and ears, and quite a few trousers developed a life on their own - either from tapping wildly to the beat, or because of the enormous dry-as-a-bone punch of the 6-fold BASSHORN!

"Let the music play!" was the motto of the show and many visitors confirmed that no other exhibitor brought it better to life than Avantgarde Acoustic. Up to 120 often frenetic people in our room gave ample proof! Thus a heartfelt Thank You! goes out to all those who either shared their enthusiasm with us at the show or posted something on a social network. And for all those who missed the spectacular drum-fireworks, we provide here a YouTube-Link:


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