hankyu mens osaka & avantgarde

A very special presentation is the High End Audio Meets HANKYU MEN'S OSAKA, on display in one of Japan's top luxury and style department stores! The fine equipment shown includes the UNO XD speakers in elegant Tiger Rosewood + Sapphire Burma Blue outfit, and high class components from Esoteric, our Japanese distributor.

This is a collaboration event of Hankyu department store and Net Audio/Phile-web (HiFi magazine), mainly targeting the store's VIPs and young executive customers, open until March 2nd. The equipment is connected, thus it is possible to listen to music with the world's finest luxury audio equipment selection.

When Hankyu's merchandiser saw Net Audio magazine, he directly got strongly impressed with this beautiful, blue/brown UNO XD! Thus immediately called the publishers, and started to plan this audio-luxury-collaboration event. The theme of the equipment selection is "Neo Azzurro e Marrone" (in Italian: Blue and Brown), which Hankyu is now promoting for this year's spring fashion collection.

Eine ganz spezielle Präsentation ist die High End Audio Meets HANKYU MEN'S OSAKA, die derzeit in einem der Top-Warenhäuser der Luxus-Kategorie in Japan stattfindet! Mit dabei unter den ausgesuchten High End-Geräten: die UNO XD Lautsprecher im eleganten Tiger Rosewood + Sapphire Burma Blue Outfit sowie hochklassige Komponenten von Esoteric, unserem japanischen Vertreib.


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