Avantgarde UNO NANO USA


Avantgarde UNO NANO


The Uno Nano are the perfect speaker for me, my room, my tastes, and my equipment. My room is 18m2 with two doorways in the back. At first, I did not want pearl color, but my dealer (GTT Audio) had these and when I saw them in person, I couldn't believe how beautiful they were in this color. Now I am happy I did not get blue! I mainly use a fully-rebuilt 1961 McIntosh MC240 tube amplifier with 6L6GC power tubes. My preamplifier is a Tom Evans Audio Design Vibe with Pulse power supply. I also have two integrateds: a Kora Flash that uses EL84 tubes and a 47 Laboratory Shigaraki 4717. My CD players are the McIntosh MCD301 and the Audio Aero Prima Mk2. I choose which components I use for the listening session by letting my mood dictate the musical selection. Different components have different strengths so I like to optimize the system to best suit the chosen music. I'm picky, but perfectly satisfied!