Avantgarde DUO OMEGA UK


Avantgarde DUO OMEGA


Satisfied customer from UK. CD = Meridian 506 / Altmann Attraction BYOB DAC, TT = Avid Acutus/SME V/Dyna 17D3, Phono amp = Tom Evans Groove Plus, Control = Bent Audio TVC, Amps = Avantgarde Model 5, Atmasphere S30Mk3 & Altmann BYOB, Speakers = Duo Omega, Supertweeters = Townshend Audio Maximum. The eqpt is located in an adjacent room to the Duo's and this really helped to improve a number of aspects with the sound. The Duo Omega's are placed 62" apart (mid horn-mid horn) and close to the back wall. The speakers are slightly angled in so that you can just see the rear tweeter nut against the right rear upright. Bass is very good - in fact amazing considering how close to the rear wall (the bass gain control is a real benefit here). The sound is exciting, lifelike and has no tonal anomalise that sometimes people think they'll hear with horns! Thanks to all the folk at Avantgarde for some fantastic products.