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Avantgarde DUO OMEGA


My setup  AD 2014 : Aurender W20->Audio Aero La Fontaine ->Ayon Crossfire III-> Duo Omega G2, analog: Transrotor Fat Bob S, tonearm SME V, cartrigde PhaseTech P 3 G, phono stage Tom Evans Microgroove + Cables: speaker  - Vovox Textura bi-wire,  power cords - Acrolink PC9500, Acrolink PC 7500, Transparent MM link with Oyaide F1/M1e, usb cable: Entreq Konstantin with Minimus, phono cable Vovox Textura, ic: Acrolink Mexcel DA 6300 (DAC) , Acrolink D5000 (turntable), power supply box: Acoustic Revive RTP 4 eu Ultimate with Power Reference, Furutech FT SWS-R