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Avantgarde DUO OMEGA


I created this space for the exploration and enjoyment of music. We all listen in different ways...I really enjoy an intimate connection, feeling the essence or emotion being communicated. Over many years I have experimented with different audio technologies and enjoyed what each had to offer but as soon as I heard the Avantgarde Duo Omegas with SET amplification, I knew that I had found something very magical. Quite some time has passed since I have had this system and my enjoyment of music just keeps getting better and better. The best compliment that I can give Avantgarde is that since I purchased the Duos and built a complementary system around them, I have completely lost my 'audio restlessness'.....stopped reading audio product reviews, stopped caring about what else is out there. Congratulations to Avantgarde for having the passion and commitment to produce such accomplished products - thank you for helping to put some magic in my life.