Avantgarde Acoustic - DUO Germany


Avantgarde DUO G2


Replacing my former Duo Omega G1 with the new Duo G2 was one of my best decisions in HiFi during last year. The Duo G2 has a fantastic bass reproduction, which is punchy and full on the one hand and springy and light on the other. In addition, I love its detailed mids and hights. In my opinion, the Duo G2 plays much more coherent than the Duo Omega G1 does, bringing the music more into focus compared to its pure sound.

The rest of my equipment consists of the following components: Sperling L-1 turntable, Graham The Phantom II 10 inch tonearm with ZYX 4D cartridge, Reed 3P 10.5 inch tonearm with Sumiko Palo Santos Presentation cartridge, Allnic H-1500 II Plus phono, Balanced Technology VK-51 SE preamp, KR Audio VA-350 power amp, different cables from Cardas and Wireworld, Audio Desk Systeme Gläss Vinyl Cleaner.