Avantgarde DUO OMEGA Norway


Avantgarde DUO OMEGA


Hello from Asker, Norway! System consists of...speaker DUO Omega (definitive one of the most honest speakers to the recording I have encountered) with silver horns, source is Eximus CD10 from April Music. Signal cables by Whistler Audio and diy Silver speaker cables. Acoustics Racks and accessories for vibration control and speaker isolation is also diy. At the moment the power amplifiers are First Watt F4 mono-block...operating in pure class A. These mono blocks are hand made by Nelson Pass and are great sounding amps! Very smart if your system have trouble with too much Gain...these have no feedback and no voltage gain, only current gain. Together with the Preamp Audio Research LS26 the sound is very clean and dynamic with a touch of sweetness. All together, this is a very neutral, revealing and musical system. Sometimes I go bananas and use the Duo’s for Home theatre application in stereo. Thank you Avantgarde for making world class speakers!