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Acoustic transducers, which are the conductors of the orchestra of world-class loudspeakers. Avantgarde Acoustic is an icon of this audiophile superlative. Recognized through multiple awards and—more importantly—coveted and cherished by customers the world over, our horn loudspeakers have provided for stunning tonal experiences in the high-end scene for more than two decades. Moreover, at least since the introduction of the revolutionary and multiple award-winning XA amplifier series, we have become one of the premier players and downright technology leaders in the manufacture of amplifiers.

The ZERO 1 unites the ultimate in horn and amplifier technology within a single loudspeaker, increasing their combined performance exponentially thanks to the possibilities offered by ground-breaking FPGA processing. The ZERO 1 is thus a unique culmination and continuation of our prowess in high-end audio, which has endured for over twenty years.

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